Monday, March 26, 2007

Quick update on our move

Finished packing the truck last night. We were planning to drive out to Arkansas today, but we didn't hardly sleep at all last night. We were too wound up and stressed.

So today we were EXHAUSTED. We signed our closing papers on our house today, but decided to stay with our friends Richie and Sarah another night and we'll head out Tuesday at 7:30am after some rest.

There's a small delay in the funding of the house from the buyer. Please pray that it's no big deal.
Please pray for our safe travel and that this huge truck isn't TOO much of a beast to drive.
Pray for Debbie... she doesn't like to drive and she'll be driving the minivan Tuesday.



ryan said...

We'll be praying for you...we move in 2 weeks!

stephen said...

I am so excited for you new adventure in Christ and on mission. You guys are in our prayers! Have fun on the road, stop often, delight in the scenery, embrace the moments/miles of change and rejoice.