Saturday, December 30, 2006

Home repairs and risotto

We've been very blessed to have several days without the kids to focus on our last home repairs in prep for selling our house. Our old carpet and water heater are now in the dump and the last big building materials are now in the house. We also got the trickiest part of the house (high above the stairs) painted plus misc other things. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping the kids for us!

On Friday night I tried making risotto. I had seen the recipe on food network... looked good. It's an italian rice dish. Arborio rice, chicken stock, butter, onion, cheese. it turned out pretty good along with some chicken fried in a little EVOO and garlic. (I love saying EVOO... that's what they say on the Food Network :) I might make risotto again but it wasn't THAT amazing... of course that may have been the cook's fault.

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GODrums said...

I haven't tried it except out of the box. It seems pretty easy and now that you've done it, I'll have to try it out...ha!

When are you off to Arkansas?