Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've been working with a new friend of mine on my purpose. It's been facinating to muddle through the clutter of life and try to nail down my purpose... a purpose that really resonates at my core. This isn't a purpose like... "to glorify God" or the Rick Warren purposes. It's a more focused statement about what I am meant to do.

Here's an exercise... can you state your purpose in eleven words or less?


faithrunner said...

Allen, I did what you are doing about 10 years ago and it has helped in so many ways:

to equip people to know, share and mulitply Christ by teaching the Word of God, consulting about the things of God, and leading the people of God

okay, 28 words, but: equip, teach, consult, and lead are the driving verbs.

this helps me make calls on what to do with my time and energy


kris said...

great question ... i'd love to hear more about the process you're going through.