Friday, January 27, 2006

Special "Date" with Dad

We have a deal with our kids that whenever they have done their chores for a certain number of days and have also stayed out of trouble they get a special "date" with mom or dad. Today Alex and I went ice skating and to Sonic. We also went to the motorcycle store up the street. There a little 50cc motorcycle that a five year old could ride. Alex has been talking about it all day. Maybe someday Alex and I will both have motorcycles. Mom and Deb, hope you aren't reading this!!!

Date with Dad - 01.jpg

Date with Dad - 07.jpg

Date with Dad - 06.jpg

The only hot dogs they had were foot long!
Date with Dad - 10.jpg

Date with Dad - 12.jpg

Date with Dad - 13.jpg

Date with Dad - 14.jpg

Date with Dad - 15.jpg

Date with Dad - 20.jpg

Next, Alex will be up for his special date with Deb and then back to me for what is billed to be the best, super, special, amazing, unbelievable Dad-date of all time. It's such a secret that I can't even tell Deb. (No, it's not buying him a $1000 kiddie motorcycle)


Debbie said...

no, no, no, no, no.
You and Alex will NOT have your own motorcycles.

Did you see any sidecars?


kris said...

that's so great!!!

kris said...

my dad was great ...
but - what were you doing reading my blog at 2:14AM???????