Sunday, September 11, 2005

From Legacy Church's Katrina Info Blog

September 11, 2005

Next phase of relief
We want to thank you for your incredible outpouring of grace and love as you helped make Legacy's building ready to act as a shelter for hurricane survivors. The latest from the city of Plano is that Legacy will not need to house evacuees as the need for shelter is diminishing in Plano. We were called to prepare and we prepared in an amazing way. Thank you!

Next Phase: The city of Plano is now shifting the focus from sheltering people in large facilities to transitioning them into apartments. The city is asking churches to "adopt" families. Adopting a family" means finding or buying enough furniture to make an apartment livable and then helping the family move the furniture and their belongings into the apartment.

On Tuesday, I will attend a meeting with city of Plano officials and a few people from other Plano churches. We'll be pairing Katrina families in Plano with available apartments and with churches who can adopt them. Then, churches like Legacy can begin to use the money we've already raised and our further donations and volunteer hours to help these people get a fresh start. Legacy is making the faith commitment to adopt up to ten families if needed. By Tuesday, we'll have names and current location of families who we'll be adopting. Then, we'll send emails, update this website, and mobilize our body to act.

Here's what we need today:
- If you do not ever receive emails of Gene's "Pastor's Posting" please send your email address to Allen so that we can add you to the list and send you details this week about how you can volunteer.

- Be thinking about whether you have furniture or kitchen items (toaster, dishes, etc) that you could donate.

- If you gave a blow up mattress or used regular matress... thank you very much but that is the ONE item we will not need due to city requirements that matresses used in furnishing apartments for evacuees be new. If you can identify your blow-up or used matress in the Legacy Center, please take it some time this week. Please leave the pillows and bedding since we can use those for the families.

- Check your email and this website after Tuesday this week and prepare for the blessing of personally giving people a fresh start.

Thank you very much for all of your support so far. The biggest blessing is yet to come as we begin to personally minister to hurricane survivors by meeting their needs. Be praying for the Katrina vicitms; many of them are going through the hardest time of their lives.

Allen Arnn

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